Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Daily Prompt: Lists and Leaves

Cooler mornings indicate that summer has shifted to autumn. Leaves are falling. This season marks beginnings, a return to school, and endings, the dormancy of plants. The light, colors, scents and sounds change every day. Fallen leaves pile up like grains of sand to make brown drifts when the wind blows. This is also the season of making lists for holidays plans and things to do. Combine these to practice a poetic mind.

Notice the leaves--on the trees, falling and fallen. 

List words that describe:

sounds leaves make (shoosh, crunch, crackle....)
verbs that capture the movement of leaves (drift, sway, twirl....)
colors of leaves (amber, pumpkin, grasshopper green....)

Stop there with your list. 
Or combine some words. Choose an emotion (relief, nostalgia, ?). Combine your leaf list words with other to convey that emotion without naming it. 

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