Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daily Prompt: Being Kind to Your Poetic Mind

I found a dog in the desert. She had never been hooked to a leash. Initially, she struggled against the lead. She sat and anchored herself to the sand. I stood beside her and waited until she was ready to go. After awhile, with a little preliminary push-pull, we settled into an even stride. Ten years later, toward the end of her life, she preferred being near to running free. Your poetic mind is like that dog. It may be confused by or resist tethering. Be patient and respectful. It will choose you.

Daily Prompt: Do something kind for your poetic mind. 

  • Take a walk in silence. 
  • Stop at a bookstore and browse poetry. 
  • Look up a poem online, copy it to a scrap of paper, and glance at it throughout the day. 
  • Buy yourself fragrant flowers for your desk. 
  • Send a poem to a friend.
  • Sing the lyrics to a song.

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