Friday, October 18, 2013

Daily Prompt: Walking, Breathing, Poems

In a 2004 workshop at Inner Bodyworks in Bakersfield, California, we used the studio space to explore rhythms of breath and writing. I remember we also played catch! Thank you to Rose Lester for sharing her poem.

The Yoga of Writing 

Each word that flows 
from the tip of your pencil
is given life 
through movement and breath.
Breathe on the words
like a fire starter
trying to get the smoke to burn brightly.
Step forward again with the next 
Thought or idea.
Stretch to let the life blood of feelings flow
Into the space between words.
Quake with newly discovered insights 
as words take on weight and wisdom.
Lower yourself down to 
rest in the field of revelation.

- Rose Lester

Daily Prompt: You can think of writing a poem as taking a walk. Start out with a word or phrase and follow it, see where it goes. Take a walk today and compose a poem in your head as you go. If you're unable to walk, follow your breath instead--the inhale, exhale and brief pause are similar to the lifting, reaching, setting down of walking feet. Borrow from Rose's poem. Experiment with writing in the second person ("you") to yourself. 

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