Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Daily Prompt: 10 suggestions for some poems

Limits inspire creativity. 
Set a limit for yourself on the length of a poem--one sentence, four lines, two stanzas--even a random choice can work. Then, choose a set period of time to write a poem a day. Writing for others gives purpose. Maybe every poem is a love poem, a gift to someone or something, in honor of being alive.

Ten suggestions for writing a poem a day leading up to an occasion:

  1. a week leading up to someone’s birthday as a gift to the celebrant
  2. a week leading up to a wedding as a gift to the couple
  3. five days after a new baby is born as a gift to the parent
  4. the day of arriving and the day of departing a house sit as a gift to the homeowner
  5. the week before Thanksgiving as a gift to those you care for
  6. three days following the loss of a loved one as a way to honor your bond
  7. for a month, when changing a habit, like conserving water, as a gift to the world
  8. for a month, when changing a habit, such as giving up caffeine, as a way to stay sane
  9. two days before the anniversary of a job as a gift to a mentor 
  10. the week in preparation for a significant trip as a present to yourself
Not inspired to write? Seek out others' poems and compile them as gifts instead. Reading and choosing a poem a day can inspire as much as picking up a pen. The gift will be for yourself and another.

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