Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily Prompt: Taking Care of Animals

In an interview included in Talking All Morning, the poet Robert Bly says,

Taking care of animals is the best preparation for writing poems. When you write poems, you feed poems language.

I agree. Writing poems is a privilege, as is caring for an animal.

Animals ask little of us. They appreciate our attention to their clean water bowls and soft beds. 

Poems want to be noticed, need tending, and desire a quiet place to rest. 

Practically, the hungry cat and pacing dog get us out of our poet's chair to pour kibble and grab the leash! 

Daily Prompt: Take care of an animal today. This might be your grandchild who wants to play catch, the sparrows who would appreciate a clean birdbath, or your neighbor's dog who hasn't been out for a walk. Use your imagination and take care.

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