Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily Prompt: What about 2013?

In two weeks, a new year starts. What kind of a year has 2013 been?

In "1861," Walt Whitman personifies and directly addresses the year.  Notice in this part of the poem how the year seems to storm across the continent.

Amid the men of Manhattan I saw you, as one of the workmen, the dwellers in Manhattan;
Or with large steps crossing the prairies out of Illinois and Indiana,
Rapidly crossing the West with springy gait, and descending the Alleghanies;
Or down from the great lakes, or in Pennsylvania, or on deck along the Ohio river;
Or southward along the Tennessee or Cumberland rivers, or at Chattanooga on the mountain top,
Saw I your gait and saw I your sinewy limbs, clothed in blue, bearing weapons, robust year;
Heard your determin’d voice, launch’d forth again and again;
Year that suddenly sang by the mouths of the round-lipp’d cannon,

I repeat you, hurrying, crashing, sad, distracted year.

In 1861, 10 states followed South Carolina's December 1860 example and seceded from the Confederate States of America. The Civil War began in April.

Daily Prompt: Write a poem addressed to 2013. Was 2013 a man or a woman? Where was it traveling? What did 2013 wear? Conclude your poem with a string of adjectives as Whitman does ("hurrying, crashing, sad, distracted year").

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