Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Daily Prompt: Full Moon Poem

Tonight, a full moon. This January moon is called Old Moon or Full Wolf Moon. Each month's moon has a name. Some occurring later in the year include Snow Moon, Worm Moon, Pink Moon, Strawberry Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Hunter's Moon. (A full list with dates can be found at the Farmer's Almanac.

The moon is a poet's delight. I've carried this moon poem with me for years.


Welcome precious stone of the night,
Delight of the skies, precious stone of the night,
Mother of stars, precious stone of the night,
Excellency of Stars, precious stone of the night.

Anon., translated from the Irish

I've written my share of moon poems. This one, about a sliver of moon, appeared in Kritya


Tonight the moon is a canoe 
alone in the light soaked city

sky. Other places darkness
of night floods spaces between
trees and boulders, along shores
and above lakes. So many canoes
dugout, fiberglass, plank, aluminum,
perfect form of floating. In you 

I’ve glossed rivers and lakes capsized 
more than once spending days after 
in damp clothes and sleeping bags.
Moon canoe, you are moving to
full each night. White pool, we are 
your paddlers.

Daily Prompt: Go outside tonight and observe the moon. Write a poem to or about it, four lines or longer. Perhaps set a month-poem challenge: a poem a month about the full moon. 

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