Sunday, January 26, 2014

Daily Prompt: Not Too Late

One of the best things about Sacramento is the Third Sunday poets. Anyone is welcome; the venue varies; participation is free. Group members take turns creating prompts. Last fall, I volunteered to facilitate. I arrived at The Book Collector with pages of poems and ideas. And waited. And waited. Would no one show? I bought a good book (M.C. Richards) and packed to leave. 

Then, Nancy hurrying toward the door. We sat on the floor and got started. The day became like one of those cloth dolls that changes when flipped. We talked and wrote...and another woman arrived. I have heard church-going friends quote, "Wherever two or three are gathered...." It did feel as if our little group was granted inspiration. 

Nancy Wallace wrote this beautiful poem.

Why I Was late

When I came into the dark hall with pomegranates 
from the market and called his name,
the french toast and coffee and a new bundle of herbed eggs 
 had already begun in the bright kitchen needing only 
the radio tuned to Duke Ellington and the fork 
 in my mouth with buttered eggs on it to 
 begin an October Sunday breakfast oh



Daily Prompt:  Been late somewhere, sometime? What happened? Borrow Nancy's title, "Why I Was late."
To read Nancy's "Winter in Detroit," visit Yoga Stanza.

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