Monday, January 20, 2014

Daily Prompt: Send a Postcard

A poem can take the form of a letter.  Richard Hugo wrote to Kizer from Seattle:

Dear Condor: Much thanks for that telephonic support
from North Carolina when I suddenly went ape
in the Iowa tulips. Lord, but I'm ashamed.
I was afraid, it seemed, according to the doctor
of impending success, winning some poetry prizes
or getting a wet kiss. The more popular I got,
the softer the soft cry in my head: Don't believe them.
You were never good. Then I broke and proved it.
Ten successive days I alienated women
I liked best. I told a coed why her poems were bad
(they weren't) and didn't understand a word I said.
Really warped. The phrase "I'll be all right"
came out too many unsolicited times. I'm o.k. now.
I'm back at the primal source of poems: wind, sea
and rain, the market and the salmon

Letters are wonderful. But a postcard requires concision: the perfect combination of form and function. 
Daily Prompt: Write a poem, your own or another's, on a postcard and stick it in the mail. Need an addressee? Send to poemcrossing at the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry.

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